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Serving the Delaware beaches and surrounding areas

Roof Inspections

Shelter Construction is proud to be a member of InterNACHI, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. This means that we are held to very specific standards within the industry.

Roofing Standards

  1. We inspect from the ground level as well as on the roof:
    • roof-covering materials
    • gutters
    • downspouts
    • vents, flashing, skylights, chimney, and other roof penetrations
    • moisture content (if any)
  2. We describe the type of roof-covering materials to the homeowner or project manager.
  3. We report any observed indication of active roof leaks to the homeowner or project manager by using a highly popular Protimeter in determining moisture content (if any).

We offer Roofing Inspections for Residential and Commercial buildings. As we are doing our inspections, one of the things we will review is your ventilation.

Proper ventilation reduces the moisture build-up in your home.

Improper ventilation can lead to premature deterioration to your shingles or roof deck. This could be by under or over ventilating within your attic space. Since the average family of four produces up to four gallons of water vapor every day through normal activities such as breathing, showering, perspiring, cooking and dishwashing; you can understand why the proper balance of ventilation is critical.

Our experts at Shelter Construction will assist you in understanding how your current ventilation system is working. This is a standard part of our inspection, which is not always typical in the industry. We want to be sure that you understand exactly what shape your roof is in and what can be done to increase longevity and avoid future replacement or repairs.

As you are looking to make improvements or repairs to your home, be sure to get your roof inspected. Knowing your roofs current state will assist in your long-term maintenance. Our experts are here to help educate you. If you are in Sussex County, Delaware, call 302-829-8310.